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It is rough deiscription for Japanese school term.

  • Schools starts from April in Japan.
  • Elementary school is 6 year term and Junior high school is 3 year term.
    Those nine-year semester is called "compulsory education."
  • High school term is normaly three years. If you want to go to university in the future,
    you often choose an ordinary course,they call its "Futsuuka".
    You may also choose special skill majior like a industrial, commercial, culinary, agricultural,
    fisheries, or civil engineering department to study your specialty.
  • University normally needd 4 years to graduate.
  • Master course usually takes two years to graduate.
  • Docter course has 3 year term,but normaly need more than 3 year to graduate in Japan.

The result is today's your school grade in Japan.

Please consider when you will come to Japan and use this results.

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